At Studio Hip we use a variety of recycled timbers and plantation timbers approved by the FSC (Forest stewardship council of Australia)

We use a variety of Australian native timbers, such us Victorian mountain ash, Murray River Redgum, Jarrah, Blackwood, Messmate, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Brushbox and more. We also use European and North American timbers such as French oak and Walnut.

Currently we have limited stocks of 300 year old French Oak from one of Australia;s oldest wineries in Mildura, previously used to mature their red wines in 5m tall vats. After loosing their ability to flavour the wine they were decommissioned. As a result of being soaked in red wine for 100 years the timbers have taken on a very unique and beautiful patina.


Over the past few years we have been using highly sustainable Bamboo ply; a product that is harvested in 5 – 6 years, rather than decades that plantation timbers take to grow. Take a look at our ‘Hex Chair’  to see how good it looks.


Where possible we like to use recycled timbers and are happy to build something for you with timber you supply to us.


At Studio Hip we have a few fabrics we prefer to use, but are more than happy to use fabric that you supply.

Our favourites include an ‘eco-wool’ felt used on ‘Lounge One’, 100% bamboo fabrics which are supper soft and guilt free eco-friendly vinyls.

VOC Free Glues, Varnish and Natural Oils.

We specialise in using the latest non-toxic finishes. Our glues, varnish and oil finishes are all 100% VOC (volatile organic chemical) and formaldehyde free. This means that for the entire life of our furniture your living environment will in no way be contaminated by toxic fumes which traditional finishes ‘off-gas’ as they deteriate. They also have the added benefit of looking great and being increadibly durable.