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The Hex chair is a one of a kind design, using a unique faceted aesthetic and complex 4-way mitre that gives the chair great strength and visual appeal. Hex chair is suitable for the home, office, patio, café,  reception, foyer or what ever you please.

Made from Bamboo and finished with natural oils, sitting on brushed stainless steel legs, Hex chair is supremely comfortable and incredibly durable.

Application  Domestic & commercial. Indoor and outdoors under patio.

Material  Bamboo. Fast re-newable timber, with non-toxic binders. 100% natural, and re-useable or recyclable at end of product life.

Finish  Natural oils, suitable for outdoor use.

Legs  40 x 6mm Brushed stainless steel. Removable for transport.

Options  Circular or straight sided profile. Upholstered version available. Available as a bench seat. 4- and 5-star and circular swivel base.

Recognition  Shortlisted for ‘Best Commercial’ and ‘Best Environmentally Sustainable’ Awards at The Edge, AIFF 2009. Shortlisted for ‘Best Commercial’ Award at VIVID, Furnitex, 2009. Showcased for ‘In Context’, Decoration and Design, 2010.

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