Environmental concerns are paramount to us at Studio Hip. We have undertaken many hours of research to ensure that our furniture is built from materials that have minimal to no impact on our environment.  We are passionate about timber and its beauty but wish to see our lovely forests and natural habitats left alone so our children and yours can enjoy for generations to come.

We specialise in using native timbers.  The timber we use is ’FSC’ certified or recycled. This means that you can be assured that we are using materials only from a  sustainable source.

The glues and varnish that we use are ‘E-zero’ emission free, formaldehyde and VOC free. The ‘new car smell’ is typical of what VOC’s (Volatile Organic Chemicals) can smell like and traditional spirit based varnish is no exception. In short, they have cancer causing agents in them and can make you sick. Through-out the life of the product they ‘Off-gas’ which is the process or breaking down and releasing harmful chemicals into your personal environment. Therefore they are best avoided.

Whether you buy from us or not we’d like everyone to be aware of what to look for when buying furniture. Insist on a VOC free finish.

Our commitment to sustainability and eco-awareness guarantees a product of unique Australian design and manufacture that won’t pollute either the planet or your home.

We also offer a product stewardship program whereby products can be returned to us to be either repaired, reused or recycled.